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Ordering Your Lamb

Buying a whole lamb (or a half) is one of the most cost-effective and delicious experiences you can have buying lamb.  Not only do you get to try a little bit of everything, you get each cut at the same price per pound! Plus, working with a whole animal at a time is a very sustainable approach to buying and eating local meats.  And best of all, when you buy a whole lamb, you get to decide which cuts you'd like:  chops, roasts, ground, stew - it's all up to you!

Will I need an extra freezer?  Never fear, this isn't like buying a whole cow where you need to buy extra appliances to store it properly! Sepe Farm lamb carcasses average 75 pounds, and once fabricated (that's the fancy term for cutting it into the chops, roasts, etc. that you requested), it's pretty compact.  

For a half lamb, figure between 30 and 40 pounds, which fits nicely in two paper grocery bags.  For perspective, that means it also easily fits in your over-the-fridge freezer (by itself).  

How do I decide what I want?  Here's a basic list to help you get started.  The first column is the most popular request for that part of the animal, but that doesn't mean you have to do what everyone else does!  The other columns in the same row give alternative options.  For instance, if you'd rather have a roast instead of chops, that's totally doable.  

Just keep in mind the physical limitations.  For instance, if a rack of lamb has 10 ribs and weighs about 2 pounds, cutting half of the rack into rib chops will leave you with a VERY small roast.  

What's the schedule?  Your lamb will be slaughtered and fabricated under USDA inspection, and packaged in clear cry-o-vac packaging and labeled with each cut.  Because we are a small farm and we work with small plants, too, our schedule is set in advance.  Fabrication is done on Friday or Monday and the lamb is ready for delivery the next day.